WHY is ORGANIC juice better?

by Alex Auger, 14/12/2023

We’re throwing down the gauntlet for organic, juice. Why? Because as rebels we don’t settle for anything less than the … Read More

We’re throwing down the gauntlet for organic, juice. Why? Because as rebels we don’t settle for anything less than the best.

There’s much more to being organic than it being trendy, fashionable or slightly better for you and the planet. Few of us really know or understand what factors actually contribute to a product being “organic”. At Rebel HQ, we are committed to knowing all there is to know about our products and sharing everything we know with you, our fellow Rebels.


We only use fresh Organic produce in our juices. That means that all of the fresh fruit and vegetables that we carefully select, wash and prep are entirely free from the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Organic farmers care for the soil which nourishes the fruit & veg they grow and gives them a high nutritional content and optimal flavour, without any toxic interference. We’re all about the real deal, bringing you that pure, straight-from-nature goodness in every gulp and that’s why we only use Organic produce in each and every bottle.

Better for your body

When it comes to Organic produce studies show that Organic fruit and vegetables contain more nutrients and may even have more antioxidants. This means that choosing an Organic juice cleanse is able to supercharge your body with even more of the good stuff. Our juices are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and we cold-press our juices to keep all of these nutrients in the bottle. Being Organic also means we skip on the chemicals, preservatives and artificial additives making them even better for your body. Say farewell to toxins and embrace a cleaner, purer juice experience.

Better for the planet

Opting for Organic isn’t just about being conscious about what we put into our bodies – it’s also about caring for our planet. Organic farming works in harmony with Mother Earth, promoting biodiversity and steering clear of synthetic chemicals that harm our ecosystems. When you choose organic, you’re not just nourishing yourself, you’re giving back to the planet. Rebel move? Absolutely.

JoIN the organic rebellion

Elevate your juicing game, fuel your rebel spirit and enjoy juice the way nature intended with Organic Rebel Kitchen cleanses.